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Spring is in the air

April 2024

It feels as though the long rainy days will never end, but Spring and the warmer weather is around the corner, and consequently similar glorious properties to match. The delay in sellers coming to the market, in the countryside, this year has partly been down to the weather. Lawns needs to look good and photographs of newly launched homes devoid of sunlight does little to entice the average buyer to part with their hard earned cash. So while fears of inflation subside, the cost of living remains a worry. Buyers will commit, but they need to be confident enough that whatever they buy today they can just as easily sell tomorrow. So flaws you can’t put right with money won’t wash.

In London properties sub £2m are seeing most of the action while the removal of “non dom” status is hitting the £2.5m/£3m+ sector the hardest. Deals are out there, but it is just a matter of finding the motivated seller which is harder than it ought to be.

This is where Hanslips, which understands both the current trends as well as the concealed motivations behind a sale, can really add value to your search. Call Francis Long on 07884 437209 for the inside track.