Why choose Hanslips?

We have an exemplary reputation that goes back many years, and this good name opens doors, literally, to properties that others will not see. The personal attention you receive, unbiased and free of conflicts of interest, is second to none. And our ability to negotiate will, in the vast majority of cases, cover our fee.

Homes you would not find elsewhere
Premium properties sell fast, but our relationship with estate agents also means we often get advance notice before they reach the open market.

Estate agents know we have committed buyers from a trusted source and such repeat business earns you preferential treatment.

We also receive calls from sellers who want to sell their property directly, avoiding estate agency fees and publicity.

Negotiating skills that pay for themselves
The vast majority of our clients have saved sums significantly in excess of our fees. As Country Life wrote, “the results of [the buying agent’s] negotiating skills may make his fee appear very good value indeed.”

The deposit we charge our clients is low when compared to our competitors. You will be paying for the result, not our time.

Working relationships
The vast majority of property is still sold through estate agents. With our experience, we know how they operate and what matters to them. We work tirelessly to nurture and maintain our valuable relationships with estate agents. This helps them work more effectively.

We save them time and money in marketing without the need for expensive brochures, floorplans, advertising. They know we have serious buyers, and with one call to us, they could be one step closer to making a sale.

The result is that this leads to advance warning of properties coming to the market.

Premium properties sell fast. We help you get to the front of the queue and so beat your competitors to secure the property you really want.

Acting for the buyer only
Be aware of buyer’s agents who also act for sellers, though operating under an estate agency parent name. In whose interests does this agent really work? If both the buyer and seller are paying fees, does the agent drive the price of the property up or down? Hanslips only acts in the buyer’s interests.

Our pledge: loyalty and probity
We will not show a property that you are interested in to any other client. We do not have multiple clients looking for the same or similar property. Likewise we have no ties or vested interests with architects, estate agents, surveyors or any other professionals. The advice you receive will therefore be totally objective. We consider this integral to first class service.