What we do for you

We build an accurate and detailed brief with you – in person if possible, and ideally with both of you if you are a couple! The brief is critical to getting an accurate sense of the type of home you are looking for: this goes far beyond acres, postcodes and number of rooms.

Property Sourcing
Top end properties move quickly, but our relationship with estate agents means we move quicker still, getting advance notice of your ideal home before it hits the open market.

We also attract vendors looking to sell their home privately. This gives you fast and direct access to the widest possible market. Overall, we are recognised as a trusted source, with committed buyers and this earns you preferential treatment.

Areas we investigate

  • Planning potential and constraints. eg extensions, historic building listing etc.
  • Possible adverse use of adjoining land.
  • Access to stations, motorway junctions and airports.
  • Amenities, schools, theatres, leisure/sporting, mooring sites etc
  • Footpaths, rights of way, access over common land.
  • Hazards/noise and light intrusion including flooding and flightpaths
  • Leasehold and enfranchisement.
  • Restrictive covenants.
  • Structure, survey and condition.
  • Farms, current tenancies, right to roam, single farm payment.

Honest professional opinions
We provide a clear, unbiased and balanced assessment of each property. We recommend you view a property at least two or three times if you feel it might be a possibility. View it in the dark, in daylight hours and at weekends when traffic and wind direction will all vary. Natural light and aspect are important, so bear in mind that the property may look different in winter, with a low sun and leaves off the trees.

Try to differentiate between negative points you can put right with money and those you can’t. If the property needs a new kitchen and bathrooms, this can be rectified. But pylons, noisy neighbours, poor light, footpaths, and north-east facing gardens seldom can.