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What you buy is far more important than when you buy.

23rd February 2023

How many times have you said to yourself, “…if only we had bought then”? With the power of hindsight , there is a good chance we might all be very wealthy.

Only six months ago amidst “Trussonomics”, the prognosis for the property market was all doom and gloom. It was just a matter of how much prices would fall, with most estimates ranging between 10-30%. So, in hindsight, September or October 2022 would have been an ideal time to buy – if you were trying to second guess the market. However, this is fraught with difficulty, and no sooner than the market is deemed to be collapsing, it can suddenly shows signs of resilience and recovery. In short, the emphasis should be on what you buy and not when.

In London, the smart money is usually to purchase the tattiest property in the best street, while in the countryside the emphasis is not on the property at all, but rather the plot.

No one wants to be that person, who buys in a panic and lives to regret it. Hanslips helps guide clients as to what makes the best purchase, thereby avoiding obvious costly errors and ensuring the dream home they buy, is likely to stand the test of time.