Testimonials: Track record of success

Don’t hear it from us. Hear it from them!

Excellent knowledge and a brilliant service

Thank you so much Francis for finding us a stunning property in a beautiful Chelsea garden square. The house you helped us purchase was off market and we would never have found without your help. You negotiated a sale price and helped facilitate a rapid process from first viewing to completion. Excellent knowledge and a brilliant service though the whole process.

Clive and Lynne Sykes

Full of the right advice

Hanslips were always even-voiced, helpful, full of the right advice and at the end of a telephone. I think we were fortunate Hanslips knew the owners as well as the estate agent from way back.

Many thanks.

Mr & Mrs Nick Addyman,

Extremely grateful

I am extremely grateful for Hanslips’ help in my recent search for a flat. I had complete faith that they grasped my requirements and matched my determination to find the perfect flat.

The perfect flat is what we found and I definitely could not have done it without them. If I am ever in search for another property, I would not hesitate to employ Hanslips’ valuable assistance.

Thank you once again.

Miss Isabella Anstruther-G-Calthorpe,
Holland Park

We had almost given up hope

After months of fruitless househunting we had almost given up hope. And then we were recommended Hanslips.

In a matter of weeks they found us the perfect house which was not yet even on the market. We simply would not have found our house without them!

Peter & Sly Bailey,
South Kensington

Timely and apposite

We really appreciated the additional value we received from the moment we decided to put an offer in. Your advice was timely and apposite and the work you carried out, especially regarding the private water supply prior to exchange, not only reduced our work and stress levels but also has put us in a good position to manage the property over the coming years.

Mr & Mrs Simon Beale,
Burford, Oxfordshire

The only possible ones

I was finding flat-hunting a very depressing business until I was introduced to Francis Long of Hanslips. He never dragged me round unsuitable properties, only ‘possible’ ones, and in no time had found me the perfect flat.

Mrs Rosemary Brann,

1st class service

A totally stress free way to find the perfect house. First class service from our initial brief (which we changed several times!) through to signing on the dotted line. Hanslips worked extremely hard for us in ensuring we got the right house. Many thanks.

Andrew and Kate Brooks,
West Sussex

Expert negotiation

Hanslips worked hard in what has not been the easiest of markets and we have always been impressed with their commendable thoroughness and professionalism.

We particularly liked the way Hanslips handled working down the final price – this alone has more than earned their fee.

Mr and Mrs Jerry Brunning,

Exactly to the specification

I have worked with Hanslips in the purchase of two properties in the last three years.

The properties have been exactly to the specification I gave in our initial meeting. I visited five properties in total, leaving Hanslips to filter the rest. Hanslips listen to and understand their clients. I would not consider using anyone else to find my home.

Mr Robert Butler,
Notting Hill

Great professionalism and courtesy

Buying a flat all by myself without neither knowledge of the market nor much time to spare due to work commitments was initially a daunting thought.

Thankfully Hanslips minimised the stress by doing all the legwork and providing sound advice, all with great professionalism and courtesy. I have now found a great home and would not hesitate in recommending the service to anyone.

Miss Jennifer Chen,

Great development opportunity

Hanslips was instrumental in ensuring that we purchased a property that offered a great development opportunity, ensuring that we got the best value for money by always providing us with a comparative analysis.

Constance Long Term Holdings,

Hanslips has come to our rescue

This is the second time Hanslips has come to our rescue, as well as being in the timeline and within budget. From the first meeting the service was efficient, helpful and took the worry away.

We would not think twice about highly recommending Hanslips.

Luke Ridley & Mary Eustace,

Guiding us through the labyrinth

Thank you for all your help in sourcing the house and guiding us through the labyrinth of issues such as what to buy, where, what to bid, how to secure the property etc.

We were also thrilled with the after-sale service and felt you really were on our team.

Mr & Mrs Michael Lavelle,

Fees…..more than covered by the savings we made in the price paid

Francis’s local knowledge of the Kensington and Chelsea property market is intimate and has been accrued over many years. He has an expert understanding of where real value and real quality are to be found in the area. He knows the leading actors in the market (sales agents, developers etc) and draws on his personal relationships to glean vital market intelligence.

His advice was invaluable in helping us to understand the perspectives and priorities of the other parties involved, namely the developer, the sales agent and other potential buyers.

His guidance on the level of offer to make and how to approach negotiation for this particular property was insightful. The result was that we closed the deal exactly as we wanted it and at our offer price.

From the outset Francis was a pleasure to deal with. His terms of business were transparent and extremely good value. In fact, the cost of his fees was probably much more than covered by the savings we made in the price paid for the property. Throughout the project, he was constantly available to advise and to act as a sounding board for ideas. I strongly recommend Francis to anyone considering seeking a property in Kensington & Chelsea.

Mr and Mrs Peter Fox-Linton.

Tremendous hard work

I never thought that we would need someone else’s help to buy a house. Having spent the previous year looking ourselves, I became convinced that the task was just too time-consuming.

It was only through Hanslips’ tremendous hard work that we’ve now finally bought. I think it’s unlikely that we would have considered a house needing renovation, but for your encouragement, and also your practical assistance with the planning authorities, your assistance in finding a surveyor, and your recommendation of a local builder.

Mr & Mrs Andrew Fyatt,
Stratfield Saye, Hampshire

They took infinite trouble

Marylebone is an area that combines a shortage of flats with high prices. Hanslips worked tirelessly to find me the right flat at a price that I could afford.

During the period before exchanging he took infinite trouble in keeping the vendor’s agents and solicitors informed of progress at all times, advising me from their considerable experience and helping with every aspect necessary to secure my flat.

Miss Lucinda Glyn,

Experience and expertise

Without the benefit of Hanslips’ experience and expertise, we would undoubtedly have been thwarted by the difficult technicalities we encountered, in particular regarding rights of way.

It has been invaluable to us, relocating to Britain for the first time, that Hanslips were able to introduce to us to the relevant experts in the legal, planning and architectural professions.

Mr & Mrs Christian Haar,
Henley, Oxford

No hesitation recommending

Hanslips knowledge of the area, combined with advice on location and long-term investment of the individual properties we viewed, was invaluable.

We are now settled and living in a beautiful home, in a situation that allows access to the City and the West Country. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services for both rental and purchase properties.

Mr & Mrs Keith Harrison,
Odiham, Hampshire

Great professionalism

Hanslips were able to interpret our requirements precisely, represent our interests with great professionalism and remain calm and supportive throughout the buying process.

They demonstrated diligence in their research and presented us with a logical and organised approach. They found us just what we were looking for in a very tricky market where opportunities to buy were scarce.

We are delighted with our new home, something which until we instructed Hanslips had eluded us for over a year.

Charles and Ruth Hicks,
Rogate, West Sussex

Wisest investment

Francis’s help was invaluable. Initially he offered clear guidance on the type of property that would be the wisest investment, visiting and vetting several inappropriate properties saving me making costly poor choices.

Throughout the buying process he made the process pain free, with his co-ordination ensuring a fast turn around.

Being a first time buyer his expertise also removed the burden of anxiety, guiding me through the process and picking up on many things that I would have missed.

Many thanks for all your help.

Rosie Hodgson,
Kentish Town, London

An oasis of calm

Having made the decision to move to an area we were not familiar with, Hanslips was an oasis of calm in a very frantic period in our lives! They offered professional advice and support throughout our house purchasing process.

Over the months they spent searching for us, they quietly steered us through the house hunting maize and helped us avoid making panicked decisions that we could so easily have made.

We are thrilled with our new home and would thoroughly recommend their services.

Mr and Mrs Simon and Lesley Howell,

The perfect birthday present…

Thank you so much for finding our home (we would have never found it ourselves) and for negotiating the deal when it stalled yesterday! What a relief! Very exciting.

Thank you very much for the perfect birthday present!

Christopher and Sandy King,

Far less stressful

I found that using Hanslips made purchasing a property in a strange area a far less stressful experience than expected. They took full account of our requirements and advised us of the best areas and those to be avoided.

We now own a very desirable flat after a short search and an uncomplicated completion.

Mr & Mrs David Lockett-Smith,

Negotiation skills saved us at least £20,000.

Hanslip’s advice was invaluable and their negotiation skills saved us at least £20,000 more on the purchase price than we could have saved on our own.

Mr and Mrs Richard and Tina Long,
Tunbridge Wells.

The right house

We are very happy to have bought our house and very happy with your help in getting it.
It must be unusual that you did not have to look for the house, but I am convinced that we would not have been the winning bidders without your help.

Nobody pays fees without thinking twice, but one would not make any other investment of this size without expert advice, in this case your services not only helped us get the house, but also give us the necessary comfort that we got the right house.

Mr & Mrs Alexander Newman,
Newbury, Berkshire

Made a stressful decision a lot easier

Just wanted to personally thank you for all your help over the past months. You have been wonderful throughout it all and a huge help. It made a stressful decision a lot easier. Especially trying to do this with two babies, you have taken the pressure off me to do the research, as all those things are so time consuming.

Mike & Louisa Pummell,
Haywards Heath

Thank you for finding our flat

Thank you for finding our flat in Kensington. It was definitely a service worth having, especially for people like us with no time to spare beyond doing our daily jobs.

Also, I would like to express my appreciation for following up and co-ordinating with all parties concerned in order to get all elements of the deal together. I don’t believe that we would have had the patience to go through it all if you weren’t there to see it through!

Mr & Mrs Ramzy Rasamny,

Stress free and effortless

Hanslips made our house purchase stress free and effortless. Their knowledge of the market, attention to detail and dedication were exceptional and so reassuring as we embarked on the most significant purchase of our lives. They found us the perfect home.

Alan & Penny Richmond,
Newnham, Hampshire

Very fortunate to have Hanslips

Being overseas buyers and therefore not familiar with the tricks of the trade, we were very fortunate to have Hanslips on our team. They took care of, and supported us in all aspects of the purchasing process, including the after-sales service.

Mr & Mrs Wilhelm Rooders,

Protecting our position during negotiations

Francis Long was a huge help in finding what we were looking for, protecting our position during negotiations and he also remained involved after our offer was accepted to ensure things ran smoothly. He took a lot of pain out of the process of buying a flat for us.

Mr and Mrs Andrew Ross
Ashley Gardens, Westminster.

A most patient and available search agent…

Hanslips proved to be a most patient and available search agent. Our requirements and regular changes of heart were all understood and taken in with great professionalism.

Nothing was ever too much effort and their advice sound. The after sale service continued to include advice in respect of architects, planning permission, and builders.

I would recommend Hanslips and the concept of search agents to anyone whatever their circumstances.

Richard and Philippa Slatter,

Very thorough in their approach

We met Francis of Hanslips through friends of ours who highly recommended him, and they were right. They were very thorough in their approach and gave us a real appraisal of the market in the area that we were looking at.

We gave him our budget and he got the house for less than what we were prepared to pay and thus more than justified the fee that he received.

Mr & Mrs Karim Souki,

Managed to find a dream property

Working with Francis was a real pleasure, he made a genuine effort to understand the type of property and the areas that I was interested in, remaining totally impartial. He took all of the stress out of the house-hunting process, and with his experience and connections managed to find a dream property, unlike anything I could have found without his help! I would thoroughly recommend Hanslips’ services, and would use them again in future.

Mr and Mrs Richard Tonks,

Exactly what we wanted

It was an excellent experience and greatly reduced the time we would have had to spend traipsing around different flats with different agents. Hanslips quickly understood exactly what we wanted, and having someone both efficient and trustworthy on our side took all the stress out of the process.

Viscount & Viscountess Trenchard,

Extensive network of contacts…

With their extensive network of contacts, Hanslips provides an excellent insight into the world of property investment. They deliver an honest and objective appraisal.

Rupert and Caroline Tyer,

Thought out for our benefit

Hanslips were extremely efficient in searching out all possible areas we were looking in around Sevenoaks. All queries were fully followed up and answered, and advice was thought out for our benefit rather than ‘getting a sale done’.

It was a pleasure receiving their service even if a bit short-lived as they found our property so quickly!

Mr & Mrs Christopher Wilmot,
Sevenoaks, Kent