Whilst purchasing

Gazumping. Surveys. Mortgages and the Garden Gnome.
Having made an offer, you find that your property wasn’t taken off the market and you’ve been gazumped. You’ve spent thousands on a structural survey but there’s no movement on paperwork from the seller. The estate agent is (illegally) pushing their ‘in-house’ mortgage service with the promise of a smoother completion process. The purchase is falling through because of a failure to negotiate on what’s included in the price, and what’s not.

A buyer’s agent can greatly minimise the risk of gazumping. They will guide you through the purchasing process; ensuring timely and valid investments that result in the smooth transfer of paperwork from committed vendors only – and a mortgage that’s right for you. A buyer’s agent will advise on the estate agent’s memorandum of sale to ensure all parties stick to agreements on what’s included, even the unlikely garden gnome.