New year, get organised

Robert Crampton’s Times article today focuses on Major-General Paul Nanson’s book, Stand up Straight: 10 Life lessons from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Nanson explains how a military routine can help us all reach our potential. While we may all laugh at hospital corners and shiny shoes, Nanson believes that the realisation of our full potential often begins with meticulous repetitive attention to detail to apparently inconsequential details, such as sock folding. With this in mind I doubt if General Nanson would approve of any residential property buyer walking into an estate agency without the means to buy, just in the same way we would not stand on parade without clean shoes and an ironed uniform.

What wise words might Nanson provide buyers in the UK property market? It is likely to be more a case of Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. Do your window shopping now, get up to speed with what is correctly priced and what is not, limit your geographical search, have the finance and solicitor in place (with proof in writing of both), so that should a desirable property appear you are able to agree favourable terms and exchange quickly. Despite the sluggish market, the best properties often sell quickly and do not even appear on the open market.

Hanslips is in an ideal position to help clients with this attention to detail and thereby improve a buyer’s chance of a successful purchase. I would hope that even General Nanson would approve.